Dead Sea Conspiracy Book Review

Book review for Jerry Jenkins latest book: “Dead Sea Conspiracy” 4 Stars

This is book two of Jerry Jenkins new series Dead Sea Chronicles. “Dead Sea Conspiracy” and book one (“Dead Sea Rising”) go back and forth between ancient and current timeframes.

My opinion is you should read book one, “Dead Sea Rising (DSR),” before reading “Dead Sea Conspiracy (DSC)” because it clarifies characters and storyline in both timeframes (ancient and current).

DSC is fast paced and rich with details about archaeology, although it is written in such a way it will be easy and enjoyable to follow along. At the end of book one (DSR) the timeframe bounce was a mystery, but will be clarified in this book. This book has mystery, intrigue, and you will find it difficult to put this book down.

My 4 star rating versus 5 stars is due to plausibility questions I had about a murder, a suicide, and technology hampering. Also, I admired the strength of the character Dr. Nicole Berman in book one but felt that fell short in this book.

That being said, these books are both enjoyable reads, and I recommend them.

Note: I was provided a complimentary copy of this book with no expectations but that I provide an honest review – all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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