Dead Sea Rising by Jerry B Jenkins

Several weeks ago, I was blessed to receive an advanced readers copy of Jerry B. Jenkins new book “Dead Sea Rising.” To say I was beyond excited and humbled is an understatement! 


I became a Christian in the year 2000 and immediately my heart and soul became starved for The Word of God. The problem was I felt like I couldn’t learn enough about my Lord fast enough! I was attending great Bible study classes at my local church but also began to supplement that teaching by reading Biblically based Christian novels. I loved how those fiction stories brought the Bible to life in a creative way. 

One of my favorites fictions was the “Left Behind” series by Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye. Once I read the first book of the series, I immediately shared it with my husband and we were both hooked! Our friends were also reading the series and it was the topic of many discussions for years! 

When I heard this year that Mr. Jenkins was doing another series I was delighted and signed up to get an advanced readers copy, never dreaming I’d be chosen. When I received the news from Worthy Publishing that I had been selected I was excited and completely undone at the same time. I quickly learned I had nothing to be worried about because Mr. Jenkins is a delightful and personable gentleman and Worthy Publishing is also very informative and approachable. 

I received “Dead Sea Rising” on a Wednesday and like all of Mr. Jenkins books, I did not want to put the book down until I finished it! Warning: it’s a cliffhanger!

Here is my review of the first book in Jerry B. Jenkins new series, “Dead Sea Rising:”

Bestselling author of the “Left Behind” series, Jerry B. Jenkins, will be releasing book 1 of a new series on November 13th. The book titled “Dead Sea Rising,” published by Worthy Publishing, is fast paced and will have you on the edge of your seat from the start! 

The story opens in modern day times in New York with Archeologist Nicole Berman. In alternating chapters, Jenkins expertly weaves in a biblical tale of Terah, the patriarch Abraham’s father. The reader quickly understands both stories will eventually join together from an important discovery in one of Nicole’s recent archeological digs. Unfortunately, an unknown assailant intends to stop her research from revealing further information before her new dig even begins.

The only thing that disappointed me was knowing I would have to wait until next year for more books in the series! However, I truly hope our collective encouragement for this book and the promise of more will spur Mr. Jenkins on to get them to us as quickly as possible! 

I recommend “Dead Sea Rising” for your next book club read, small group, and even your workplace! The book is available wherever books are sold as of November 13, 2018. 

2 thoughts on “Dead Sea Rising by Jerry B Jenkins

  1. Awesome, I did not know he was doing another series. I am finishing up reading the left behind series…again…I think this is maybe the 4th time. I love going through it and the scriptures at the same time. I know it is fiction but the references are real. Guess I know what I want for Christmas. LOL Thanks for the heads up.

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    • This one is a real cliffhanger and the next book isn’t coming out until spring of next year! Eek! Yes, his references are all biblically based and I love that! Right now the Kindle version does not have a discount but if I see or hear about any sales I’ll let you know ASAP!


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